Payroll Functions

Payroll functions and services entails:

Assistance with payroll administrative processes including preparation of necessary payslips, distribution of printed payslips and generating necessary company and tax schedules payments.

Our Approach is diagrammatically indicated as follows:

Payroll Services

Please do contact us to unpack the approach and for us to align it to your requirements.

Our Deliverable to you is typically:

  • Calculation of payroll submission requirements to feed into banking processes
  • Dissemination of payslips
  • Preparation of related tax monthly submission documents

What we generally need from you is:

  • Employee information remuneration information and cut-off dates
  • Employee adjustments documents, removals and additions, salary adjustments

This is part of our Compliances Functions Area, where we help you with tailored Compliances Functions and Governance Solutions for your business

Payroll Image

Compliance Functions Area

“Essentially provide good governance and compliance framework, including document repository, supporting tax submissions, statutory functions, with legal and contract management elements.”