Data Visualisation E02

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Finanacial Dashboard Unpacking multiple sources of data from an organisation and providing visualization dashboards for ease of decision making.

Our Approach is diagrammatically indicated as follows:

Different visualization elements are consolidated for client reporting requirements and ease of use. Please do contact us to unpack our approach and assess your requirements.

Our Deliverable to you is typically:

  • Management Accounts Dashboard
  • Financial Performance Dashboard

What we generally need from you is:

    • Access to your accounting records
    • Frequency of reporting

This is part of our Digital Accounting Solutions Offering, where we provide you with innovative Digital Financial Management Tools to bring efficiencies to your business

Our Digital accounting Solutions promise State:  ” To provide businesses with up to date digital accounting solutions and tools that supports entrepreneurial intuition to drive efficiencies and analysis through digital analytics and facts.”         



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