Management Accounts & Reports

Management Accounts & Reports entails:

Reporting Transactional accounting into management accounts & reports for decision making purposes

Our Approach is diagrammatically indicated as follows:

Management Accounts and Reports image

Management Accounts and Reports

  • Stage 1 – Accounting Info

Receipt of series of financial information sources, including accounting systems, in prescribed format

  • Stage 2 – organising and Sorting

Sorting and packaging into appropriate financial classes and format. Separating between executive, short-term and long term position.

  • Stage 3 – Reporting & Impact

Reporting and related commentary. Where appropriate, discussions and decisions.

Please do contact us to unpack the approach and for us to align it to your requirements.

Our Deliverable to you is typically:

  • Month-end management account pack, including commentary or discussions; and/or
  • Monthly management reports

What we generally need from you is:

  • Transactional accounting information
  • Key business performance indicators

Any other related data sources of information


This is part of our Management Control Offering, where we help you with tailored Management Control Solution for your business.

Our Management Control Offering promise:

“To provide you with an umbrella overview of business performance, activities and control, where back-office have strong linkage to the front-office providing appropriate management reporting & intelligence.”